Many people are talking about the heat waves that have happened in different parts of the globe. However, most people focus on the tornadoes and hurricanes that are caused by heatwaves. Certainly, these effects have gathered the most attention as they are very prominent to see. But what makes heat waves more cunning and dangerous is the several deaths it has caused in different countries around the globe, Japan and Quebec, to name a few. 

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According to Dr. David Eisenman, a director of the UCLA Center for Public Health and Disasters, most people fail to see the effects of heatwaves that are temperature related. This is important to discuss as it has caused a number of fatalities including silent deaths of several random people. There are 70 reported deaths in Quebec, province of Canada, and 77 deaths in Japan caused by the increasing temperature. Moreover, the United States is also experiencing an increase in temperature that also resulted in several deaths. 

More and more people are beginning to see the importance of installing AC units and availing of Dale’s air conditioning service area or opting to go to cooler places with cooler climate to avoid fatalities caused by the heatwave. Although an increase in energy bills is another issue that needs to be opened for discussion. 

How Does Extreme Heat Affect the Human Body? 

There are several effects that extreme heat provides to the human body, and some of these include heatstroke and dehydration. The longer the heat persists, the more dangerous and fatal it becomes. Remember that even mild dehydration can still cause inconvenient effects to the person experiencing it including a decrease in mood and cognitive performance. In the long run, prolonged exposure to heat can negatively affect the body and internal organs and can strain the cardiovascular system. 

It is not just the cardiovascular system, but also other organs in the other systems like the kidney, lungs, brain, liver, heart, and others that can be affected by the rising environment temperature caused by the heatwave. These all can result in heart attack, renal failure, stroke, and other death-potential sicknesses. 

Am I at Risk of Heat Wave? 

Heatwaves’ effects can be experienced in people whose residence is directly affected by the heatwave, especially those who are already in the hotter environment. However, heatwaves’ effects on the body can also be more fatal to a certain group of people. There are certain vulnerable populations that are at more risk of heatwaves effects including the older adults, homeless, children, and those people who are already suffering from any cardiovascular diseases or illnesses. But wait, here is more. Those people who are living alone or isolated are also very prone to experiencing the adverse effects of heatwaves. 

You also need to be careful of yourself and how you do certain things in the daytime. Heat exhaustion can be very common even when a person is doing minimal labor. What makes it cunning is this can be very unobvious. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends the following to avoid the effects of heatwaves: 

  • Drink a lot of fluids 
  • Be in a cooler environment 
  • Do not use the stove when cooking 
  • Avoid going outside when it is very hot